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Conditioner Bar - Lavender and Tea Tree 80 g+

Friendly Soap

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Now you can wash bad hair days away because our Lavender and Tea Tree Conditioning Bar uses a nourishing blend of cocoa butter and castor oil for amazing results.  We won’t go too geeky on you, but the bar’s cationic positive charges help leave hair softer, less tangled and altogether more manageable.  Meanwhile, its lavender will help you relax and the anti-fungal tea tree will gently cleanse and moisturise your scalp. 

Friendly Conditioner comes sealed in a compostable cellulose-based wrap, keeping it fresh until you’re ready to go.

You won’t find even the smallest smidgen of preservative or sulfate in any of our conditioner bars; all that is added is a feel-good factor.  Our plastic-free boxes are recycled and recyclable.

Brand: Friendly Soap (
Origin: UK

Net Content: 80 g+
Ingredients: cocoa seed butter, castor seed oil, Behentrimonium methosulfate, Cetyl alcohol, Butylene glycol, tea tree leaf oil contain limonene, lavender oil contains linalool.

Suggested Use: 
Friendly Soap's conditioner bars are easy to use as a solid. Simply use your hands and warm water to create a creamy paste and tease through hair with your fingers. However, if you prefer a liquid conditioner, no problem. Here’s how…

  1. Mix your Friendly conditioner bar with 600ml of boiling water until dissolved.
  2. Allow the conditioner mixture to cool down to a safe temperature.
  3. Pour the conditioner mixture into a sterile recycled bottle of your choice.